Sunday, August 17, 2008

My 1st Sale!!!!!!

After struggling off and on for more than a year, I have made my first sale. Wow, and only 3 days after I emailed PotPieGirl too... Dang, this is such good motivation. It can't possibly be this easy. Before, I was making it all too complicated, but now I understand a lot more of how it all works. Look at this... (only 2 more and I can get this carpet off of my head!)

Here's proof:
Yeah I did it: $21.24, baby! It can be done. Look there's proof that it's not impossible. But hey it could just be a luck sale but who knows.

Anyways, back to working on my IM!

Thanks PotPieGirl so much, you are truly and exceptional IM'er and human being!

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