Sunday, August 24, 2008

There's Some Good News and There's Some Great News!

Well...which should I tell you first?

The good news is that Jennifer, aka PotPieGirl, aka "The One" who helped me make my first 3 sales in less than a week after sending her a PM by telling me her secrets and methods about how she makes a full time income without ANY adspend...oh yeah I'll get back on track:

Well she is coming out with a Clickbank product, and I don't have any news of when it will be released or anything but you'd be crazy not to buy it...and no I am not just saying that to say it, but this is where the great news comes in!

The great news is: my campaign is the proof that this system works...I don't know how else to put it. I made my first 3 sales ever, after trying for about 1 year to make even 1 sale!

So keep checking in on this blog and I will let you know ASAP when the product comes out!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

They just keep on comin...3rd Sale!

Wow, and I thought that I'd never get #1...

It can be done. And, I'll say it again, the way PotPieGirl showed me to do this, I have not had to spend a single dime on any of this. So that is 3 sales of pure profit (although it ain't too much money) at least I don't have to worry about losing money with any of my campaigns. Take a look here:

It can be done!!! Don't give up.

Guess what everyone?...2nd Sale!

Yeah, that's right! I made my 2nd sale just 2 days after my first sale ever. It can be done. Look here so I can prove it to you:

Whether you have made a few sales off and on, but can't ever get that string of consistent sales going, or you haven't made a single sale, but still know quite a bit about internet marketing, it doesn't matter. there is hope! So don't give up.

PotPieGirl took me by the hand after I sent her a PM asking for some minor help. I was shocked when she told me that she was going to tell me all of her secrets of how she makes it all work. Oh yeah, I have $0 of adspend, as she has taught me how to do all of this using all free methods.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My 1st Sale!!!!!!

After struggling off and on for more than a year, I have made my first sale. Wow, and only 3 days after I emailed PotPieGirl too... Dang, this is such good motivation. It can't possibly be this easy. Before, I was making it all too complicated, but now I understand a lot more of how it all works. Look at this... (only 2 more and I can get this carpet off of my head!)

Here's proof:
Yeah I did it: $21.24, baby! It can be done. Look there's proof that it's not impossible. But hey it could just be a luck sale but who knows.

Anyways, back to working on my IM!

Thanks PotPieGirl so much, you are truly and exceptional IM'er and human being!

My Web Pages Got Indexed Overnight!

Ok everyone! I have done exactly what she has told me to do without spending a dime of my own money (except on energy drinks!) on any of this, and guess what?

My web pages are already indexed on Google, and some are even on the first page!

Wow, she truly is amazing. It is not nearly as complicated as I thought it was going to be. There are just a few simple concepts of internet marketing that I needed to understand better.

And also, btw, I am also seeing the double digits, and I am getting a lot of clickthrough to the merchant page too!

Wow, this is exciting! It can't be this easy.

1st Day With My New Mentor PotPieGirl :D

Wow, she truly is an angel and savior to me! Now I never would have expected any of this in a million years. But, yes, she replied to my PM and said that she would take me by the hand and teach me the ropes of making money on the internet. How freaking cool is that! (And the funny thing that I almost gave up on IM like a few days before PMing her, haha)

But anyways, I made a deal with her that I was not getting my haircut until I made my first 3 sales online, because "three's a charm" right, and you will know that you are doing things right...

And, even better, she was teaching me how to make money using all FREE methods! Yes that's right...

"But don't FREE methods take much longer to get indexed in google and receive traffic???"


She told me how she does everything, giving me a step-by-step guide of my tasks for the day.

And no, I didn't have to write a bajillion articles or anything.

I have learned so much from her, and it has just been the first day... Wow, I am beginning to see how "easy" internet marketing really is once you can put it all together. Seriously, this isn't that hard at all!

My Story...

What led me to internet marketing, ultimately, was a strong desire to become financially independent, which would allow me to live a life of personal freedom and happiness. My worst nightmare was to be under someone else's control for the majority of my life, going day-in and day-out to the same ol' job on the same ol' street doing the same ol' stuff making the little ol' paycheck every 2 weeks.

So I tried some of those real estate "miracle" programs that you see on TV at like 3 am in the morning. No wonder they are on at 3 am, because they are a bunch of junk just like the TV shows on at that time. So on one of those forums, this woman told me that this e-book that she had just bought was making she and her friend a good bit of money each month, and was much easier than this real estate stuff. So I bought it obliviously knowing that she was just trying to make some commission off of me, haha...

As this was one of the many $47 e-books guaranteeing me to make $1000's per day with only 10 minutes of work that I purchased, I kept losing more money, but I knew that I had a chance to make money with this thing called Affiliate Marketing.

So after a lot of money down the tubes in Adwords, I was still a "noob" to internet marketing, i.e. I made vague keyword lists and used direct linking. I blame this on my lack of IM knowledge and my "laziness." But, I forgot how I got there, but I found one place that has seriously changed my life:

Although I was extremely skeptical of spending any more money on affiliate marketing education, I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, which has been one of the best decisions of my life. And I am not just saying that, I promise, just ask PotPieGirl, or me, or anyone whom is a member there. there is a forum with some of the top Affiliate Marketers on the web today who make posts on there helping people out just like me. There are tons of resources:

You get free access to an easy site builder named "Site Rubix," you get a keyword linker, an 8-week program that helps those just starting out. I can't remember everything. But it's $40 per month, but, I am dead serious, it is the best affiliate marketing program out there, with over 16,000 members, and the 2 creators, Kyle and Carson, who will answer any of your emails/questions within a few days, but the forum is by far the best resource on there, and I would gladly pay $50 per month to just be able to access it.

But enough of that... I still wasn't making any money after a few months....

I mean I had a much greater knowledge and understanding of affiliate marketing and how it worked, but I just couldn't put it all together. So I posted on the forums (I am "Nick_T" on there btw) a topic asking if someone could give me some feedback on my webpage...And PotPieGirl said that she was going to take me by the hand and teach me all of her secrets: yeah and know today is not april fool's day or whatever, I am dead serious. I was ecstatic...someone who earns a full living from affiliate marketing was going to tell me all of her secrets about how she does it! Yeah you heard me!