Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to Get a Lens Indexed Under 24 Hours

Since you are taking advantage of the free, extreme awesomeness of Squidoo lenses, then you have probably wondered about how to get a lens indexed fast - in less than a day- rather than waiting days to even be on the 10th page of google! I used to be stuck in the same pit...However, what Jen taught me in One Week Marketing helped me to learn how to index a lens fast...and be on the 1st page of google sometimes in under 24 hours.

yes...that is possible and I have done it many times. Althought it would be nice to link from a dozen of your personal websites that have 1st page Google PR which could get you listed in a number of hours...there are quick, free techniques that One Week Marketing teaches!

I know that there are thousands more happier people now that One Week Marketing is available! (and I'm one of them...shhh!)

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Shazam! said...

Hi nick...i've had no problem getting other lenses adn minisites indexed in google quickly, but I've tried PPG's methods for all my lenses and still no indexing after 72 hours. Ready to resort to my "old" methods taht worked, but wanted to give PPG's a try...